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bigbrother_amber_idol.jpgThere are two kinds of reality shows: One where the contestants have to have some kind of talent or skill (“Top Chef,” “Project Runway,” “American Idol”), and one where participants are just chosen based on looks or personality (“The Real World,” “America’s Next Top Model”). CBS’s “Big Brother” is obviously in the latter category. This summer’s crop of contestants are a mostly useless, annoying bunch of numbskulls desperate to be on TV.
One contestant, Amber, has already scored a place on my hate list for spending approximately 21 hours out of the day crying. (About what, I have yet to figure out.)

Amber was in rare form last night and devoted part of her three non-crying hours to something even more obnoxious: Jewish stereotypes. Amber was talking to another player, Jameka, and made comments about how she “can tell” a Jewish person by their last name, and how Jews “are all selfish.” Watch the footage on YouTube here.
Jameka, who seemed to be as stunned as the rest of us at home but thankfully had more tact, suggested that maybe Amber should stay away from sweeping generalizations. [In my mind, Jameka then added, “For example, what if I said all people named Amber were whiny, bratty, entitled little snots–just because you are?”]
Hey, Amber? My last name is Marcus. In case you weren’t sure, it’s short for Marcudirtyjewovitz. Hope I helped clear that up for you.

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