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lost_sayid_idol.jpgIf you’re a “Lost” junkie like me, you’re probably wondering how on earth you can possibly hold out until the next season begins in February. Fear not–you can join Beliefnet’s new dialogue group to talk about religious themes on our favorite TV show. Here’s the description of the group:

This will be a group to discus the television show “Lost” from a religious perspective. We’ll take a look at the many Biblical allusions in the show, the overriding themes of sin and redemption, the diverse worldviews presented by the characters, and the mythology of the island. I am a Christian, so as moderator that will be my knowledge base, but members of all faiths are welcome to contribute and discuss how the show does or does not fit in the context of their religions. The dialogue group is a place for discussing Lost in the context of world religions, and it is NOT a place for preaching or attempting to convert others to your religion. Theological discussions will be confined to those that have a bearing on characters or events in “Lost.”

Interested parties can sign up for the group (which launches 8/25) here.
Afraid you’ve gotten rusty while the show’s on hiatus? Take this quiz to refresh your memory.

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