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third-day_idol.jpg Christian rock insiders have found a lot to criticize about the second volume of Third Day’s retrospective, “Chronology”—it omits some of the southern rockers’ hits in favor of covers and to some, comes off more adult contemporary that Christian Skynard. But in many ways Volume Two perfectly sums up this group that takes its rock, but not itself, too seriously.
“I want to be a rock star, but I don’t have what it takes,” sings lead vocalist Mac Powell in this album’s reprise of their hit “Rock Star.” In an industry that pumps out one impetuously sincere, but blow-dried, act after another, Third Day, as the Chronology set shows, has both serious chops and a comfortable self-awareness. Shoving aside their own top sellers to include a few covers only seems to back up this sense of ease with their success.

As a retrospective, Volume Two does feel a bit unfocused. The live versions of Third Day standards are fairly unremarkable (though I was grabbed by an especially uplifting live “You Are So Good to Me”). Confirmed fans already own most of rest of these tunes, with the notable exception of “Carry Me Home,” from a rare 2001 EP.
You can throw Volume Two on the car CD player and mumble along without much to get you bouncing off the walls. With its quieter mood, and outward looking selection of songs, the album may be less concerned with where the band’s been and more with where it’s going.

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