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Tori Spelling has had a lot of roles, from Donna Martin on “Beverly Hills, 90210” to whatever that girl’s name was in the trashtastic Lifetime movie “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?”. In real life, she’s had just as diverse a resume in the last couple of years. Let’s see: She was daddy’s little girl, married a nice Jewish boy, dumped said Jewish boy for a married actor who left his wife for her, starred in a semi-reality show about her life and made her mom look really bad, was estranged from her mom, found out about her dad’s death via email, got pregnant, reconciled with Mom, and then got another (actual) reality show. Whew.The current reality show is called “Tori and Dean: Inn Love.” It follows Tori and her husband as they run a bed-and-breakfast in Southern California. This season, there’s a new twist. Tori has become an ordained minister so that she can officiate at weddings at the B&B. The first couple Minister Tori joined in holy matrimony was gay, and the ceremony will appear on Season 2 of “Inn Love.” Maybe that can get more viewers to tune in, but I don’t know if Tori’s latest gimmick will keep interest in her show alive. At the very least, I’ll be watching–if just to see whether Tori can keep her own marriage intact this time around.

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