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closer_idol.jpgDeputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick)–with her southern twang, her infamous, sweet-sounding “thank you’s,” and her hard as nails interrogation tactics–is not only back in full force for season three of “The Closer,” but she has taken this series to a whole new level.
If you haven’t yet seen “The Closer,” queu Netflix for seasons one and two right away and start catching up online and taping the rest. It is some of the best television I’ve ever seen.
I don’t know if it’s all the fabulous press, an injection of funds because the show has been so successful, or just more confidence from the writers, but season three’s first four episodes have racheted up the drama and the stakes not only regarding murder victims–just this week they explored kidnapping and police brutality–but also with the relationships between Deputy Chief Johnsons’ squad members.
Corey Reynolds, who plays Srgt. Gabriel, has produced some of the most gripping acting I’ve seen on television in ages. In episode two, “Grave Doubt,” Srgt. Gabriel moves from begging to threatening Deputy Chief Johnson to ignore a murder in favor of empowering the public redemption and political success of a former gang member. In episode four, “Ruby,” Gabriel is so desperate to find a kidnapped eight-year-old girl alive that he jeopardizes the investigation and his own career. Reynolds has not only become a central character to the series (more than ever), but he’s also become an edgy moral compass that sways between the grays to Johnson’s black and white view of murder and how she places upmost value on getting a confession at all costs.
I hope season three continues to be the best ever. If they keep going the way they’ve started, I’ve no doubts it will.

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