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marvin_sapp_idol.jpgI could tell that “Thirsty,” Marvin Sapp’s seventh album, was going to be a hit from the cover alone. Sapp looked youthful and vibrant, and he had a sparkle in his eyes that hinted at things to come–which I found quizzical considering he lost his father, his musical mentor, and his spiritual father back-to-back before recording this album.
The first single from the album, “Never Would Have Made It,” came to him while he was grieving the death of his father, and the somberness of the song is certainly palpable. Sapp’s unmistakable voice resonates with gratitude as much as it hints at profound loss. But, never one to keep music at a somber pace, Sapp gives listeners an equal measure of “dance all night” praise songs and “lie prostrate in a puddle of tears” worship anthems.
Songs such as “Praise Him in Advance” and “Shout Unto God” are great for personal devotion time as they are for church choirs during corporate worship. And the title-track “Thirsty” is a gut-wrenching request for God’s anointing, perfect for anyone stuck in the spiritual wilderness.
The album flows seamlessly from high-impact praise songs to low-impact, but intense, worship songs that will take worshipers on an incredibly refreshing ride. New and old Sapp fans will fall in love with “Thirsty.” Get quenched today!

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