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rushoffoolspictureidolchat.jpgIf you haven’t already heard about the up-and-coming Christian rock band Rush Of Fools, I highly suggest that you check them out as soon as possible.
This five-man group from Nashville stepped into the spotlight by winning Band With A Mission, an annual competition held to showcase new independent Christian artists and judged by key executives in the Christian music industry. A year later, their breakout album, “Rush Of Fools” was released.
Since then, their debut single, “Undo” has became a record-breaking hit–peaking at number one on both the Billboard Hot Christian Adult Contemporary music chart and the Hot Christian Songs chart, 25 and 22 weeks ago respectively. The song has managed to stay in the top five of those charts since.
The band derives its name from the Scripture, 1st Corinthians 1:25-27, which includes the verse, “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.” The band members all come from Birmingham, AL, where they originally planned on going into other fields before realizing that music was their call. Kevin Huguley, Wes Willis, and JD Frazier play electric guitar, Jacob Chestnut handles bass, and Jamie Sharpe takes on the drums. As if this soft rock band wasn’t already talented instrumentally, each member also takes turns on vocals–and do very well.

One thing that makes this group even more stunning, aside from their amazing velvety sound, is how humble they are. Huguley’s hope is that “people see less of me and more of Christ in our songwriting, at our concerts and through our lives.”
The band’s songs hit the listener with powerful words of honesty with a reminder to relax, because God is in control. While listening to the song “Peace Be Still,” the message and music together actually brought me close to tears. And through lyrics like “I’ll descend on you like a dove … peace be still, please be still, and know I am God,” we are told to stay calm and give our burdens to God–a very welcome reminder to many Christians. And with their youthful sound, this young adult band can still bring in fans of all ages.
There is a thickness to Rush of Fools’ sound–at times it even sounded like I was listening to an orchestra–while the talents of the individual band members mesh very well together. Sounding a bit like Jars of Clay, Rush Of Fools’ stunning sound and intelligent vocals may give the veteran band a run for their money.
Jana Melpolder

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