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PeterOToole_idol.jpgDespite the period drama, the history, the great costumes, the intrigue–and yes, of course, all the religion–I can’t say that I loved Showtime’s first season of “The Tudors,” which chronicles the life and times of the infamous English king, Henry VIII, who beheaded his wives and created the Church of England so he could divorce. I think it even ruined my formerly dreamy perception of Jonathan Rhys Meyers–he plays the title role as Henry VIII so well that he’s almost dashed all memories of the appealing, hottie soccer coach he was in “Bend It Like Beckham.”
But apparently, season two of “The Tudors” promises more than a few papal appearances–played by legendary Peter O’Toole–the New York Times announced today in its article about O’Toole’s turn as pope, “Papal Robes, and Deference, Fit O’Toole Snugly.”

On his own Christian background, reporter Anita Gates solicited some interesting commentary from the celebrated actor:
“‘I’m a retired Christian,’ he announced playfully, relaxing in his trailer at the end of the day … Six decades after his altar-boy childhood and subsequent loss of faith, Mr. O’Toole said he looked elsewhere for life guidance. ‘I suggest that an education and reading and facts aren’t bad things on which to ponder a few notions,’ he said. But he acknowledged a ‘very strong and very real’ spiritual side to his nature. ‘No one can take Jesus away from me,’ he said, having just expressed an affection for the Sermon on the Mount. (‘Blessed are the meek,’ etc.). ‘There’s no doubt there was a historical figure of tremendous importance, with enormous notions. Such as peace.'”
Click here for the full scoop on O’Toole, “The Tudors,” and his take on faith..

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