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lisence-to-wed_idol.jpgIf you have ever watched a really awful tv sitcom, watched Robin Williams do stand-up comedy or, if you are old enough, even watched Robin Williams in a bad sitcom, then I feel safe in telling you that you can skip watching “License to Wed” because you’ve already seen it.The premise of a young engaged couple receiving marital counseling from an unorthodox minister is not exactly a new premise, but it certainly could have been a given a fresh twist–like the movie “Knocked Up” found a new way to look at a one night stand. Instead, “License” is just a series of recycled gags that disappoint.
Mandy Moore and John Krasinski (“The Office”) play the cutesy young couple who quickly fall in love but hit a snag when Moore’s character insists on being married in her childhood church. Sounds simple enough, but to do that they must go through a marriage boot camp with the wildly inappropriated Reverend Frank ( Williams). He puts them through a series of tests–most of which were given away on the commericals and trailers for the movies–each more humiliating than the last. And that, folks, is the entire movie. Period. No genuine celebration or smart satire about faith and commitment here, as I had hoped.
The only thing worse than sitting through Williams’ performance–and I am a huge Williams’ fan–is suffering through John Krasinski’s big screen debut in material that completely wastes his usually subtle, smart comedic abilities. Mandy Moore certainly hasn’t helped her career by starring in her second bad romantic comedy this year (the other being “Because I said So”).
With so many choices at the cineplex this week, I am sure you can find a better choice for your two hours and ten bucks this weekend.

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