Idol Chatter

Thanks to our friends at Mixed Multitudes for the heads up about the latest site in the ever-burgeoning Jewish web world: Yes, our very own YouTube. The site gets points for being clean and uncluttered, though the there doesn’t seem to be any way to find any information about a video before clicking to watch it, aside from the title, which pops up–maybe–when you roll over a given video. There’s not much there yet, but you can already find video of an interview Natalie Portman did in Hebrew on Israeli TV. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that among the categories–Israel, Celebrations, Israel, Entertainment–is one dedicated to Borat videos. There are a handful already there, the funniest of the lot being one that pokes fun at the Jewish obsession with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazhakstanian creation by depictinga series of impersonators at a Borat’s Anonymous meeting. Watch it here (warning: some strong language, and may be suitable only for Borat lovers):
Find this video and thousands of others at vSocial!

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