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simpsons_idol.jpgThere are few things one can count on in life other than death, taxes, and the fact that people will be dressed as stormtroopers at San Diego Comic-Con. But now we can add the bastion of pop-culture punditry known as “The Simpsons” to that list.
Reuters reports that a ten-minute clip of “The Simpsons Movie” shown in London suggests that “the environment and religion would be major themes.” Meaning that Groening and company aren’t toning down content to appeal to a wider audience, and fans can rejoice knowing that it will be the same old irreverant, yet super-sized, Simpson family.
Series writer Al Jean acknowledged that there were grand themes afoot in Springfield, but that both sides are represented: “They are big themes, especially the environmental theme, but we always like to approach it from both sides, so later in the film when Lisa’s giving a lecture about the pollution, the label of the lecture is ‘An Irritating Truth.'”
And, just like the series, pivotal action takes place at church with the family displaying their brand of ditzy devotion. At one point in the sneak-peek, Homer is seen flipping through the Bible only to conclude that “This book doesn’t have any answers.”
While Groening admits that,the purpose of the film is “to entertain people and also to annoy a certain segment of the audience as well,” the fact of the matter is that it will also educate people. Aside from “South Park,” “The Simpsons” is one of the most religiously relevant shows on television, with God frequently making guest appearances. In fact one survey said the show “more accurately reflects the faith lives of Americans than any other show in the medium.” Which will surely have some people having a holy cow, man.
“The Simpsons Movie” opens Friday, July 27.
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