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Last night “Traveler“–in its third episode–maintained the breakneck pace of its two-hour premier. Between the nonstop action and music to set the we’re-not-going-to-let-you-even-breath mood, “Traveler” is proving itself as the new “24”.
Jay Burchell and Tyler Fog are desperate, on the run from an entire nation watching out for these two young men wanted by the FBI for blowing up a major Manhattan museum and now the mysterious death of a man they’d last seen alive. What’s great about “Traveler” is its mystery–it’s not about to let viewers in on any secrets that Jay and Tyler aren’t aware of. We’re just as in the dark and dependent on their efforts to find out who their former best friend Will Traveler really is–and why he’d go to such great length to frame them.
And speaking of Will Traveler–believed to be killed in the explosion–the big reveal in last night’s episode was that Traveler’s alive. Perhaps he’s a ghost? It would seem so since it appeared that they’d found his body in the wreckage. Which also means that ABC’s fast-paced new show is about to get even more interesting.

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