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Gossip site is reporting that Mark Dice, a Christian conspiracy theorist, and his group of like-minded individuals called “The Resistance,” were no-shows at a promised “Pray for Paris” rally/incarceration celebration at The Beverly Hilton last night.

“TMZ camera’s were on hand to catch what was supposed to be a riled-up group as they trashed Hilton memorabilia in celebration of a time they hope will allow the heiress some deep “self reflection,” reports the site. “So what did our cameras catch? Nothing. … Dice never rolled in.”

But as they would say in Paris’ namesake city, “Au contraire, mon frere.” Dice has posted video of himself at at The Beverly Hilton, wearing his “Pray for Paris” T-shirt, pontificating on Paris’ possible prison conversion to a worthier person, interviewing fellow partiers, and being shown the door by hotel security.

Dice, a character smashup of Bill O’Reilly and Henry Rollins, calls the celbutante a “drunken party slut” and hopes that she will leave the slammer as someone who will “contribute to society … someone who will help the less fortunate, instead of making fun of them.” Paris is an easy target for late night comedians and publicity-seeking pundits. And while Dice falls squarely in this category, at least when asked why he would want to pray for Paris when she wouldn’t pray for him if he were in jail, he responded, “The Golden Rule of Life is to treat others the way you’d want to be treated.” Heck, with this kind of prayer who needs enemies?

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