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paris-released_idol.jpgIt wasn’t quite Saul/Paul’s blinding conversion on the road to Damascus, but when Paris Hilton emerged from the Lynwood Women’s Correctional Facility last night sans blue contact lenses, I thought two things: 1) She’s a really pretty girl without the faux blue blinkers, and 2) You go, girl!
Like many people, I openly derided Hilton’s seeming shallowness and apparent vapid nature, and the press’ need to follow her every move (and, yes, I know I’m contributing to the mess by covering it). And yet, I’ve always defended her as being something of a genius in her self-promotion and marketing–and even admired her chutzpah at times.
And now, now I hope Hilton the best. She’s served her time; she’s a tabloid-ready story of redemption if ever there was one, available for immediate consumption. reports (via US Weekly) that Paris wants to build a halfway house for newly released inmates, a place where they can learn “to stop the ‘bad cycle’ of in-and-out behavior.”
Furthermore Paris has decided that in order to rectify her own bad cycle, she will no longer surround herself with “bad people.” There’s a delicious irony in the fact that Hilton would now prefer to hang with people whom society may label bad–other ex-cons?–as opposed to say, Britney Spears. Errr … ummm … bad example. How about Nicole Richie. Ok, maybe not the best example either. And do I even need to mention Lindsay Lohan? Thought not. Maybe Hillary Duff’s available to go shopping? From what I’ve heard from those in the know, she’s really nice and a pretty normal person.
If Paris does follow through with plans for a transitional home, and I really hope she does, it would be perfectly in keeping with Hilton Hospitality Inc.’s new slogan “Be hospitable.” A side of Paris, much like her naturally brown eyes, rarely seen by the press and the public.

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