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Media outlets yet again had a field day today when everyone’s favorite celebutante, Paris Hilton, was ordered back to jail–one day after being released by the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, who had released Hilton to serve out the rest of her sentence at home for medical reasons.
“Mom, Mom, it’s not right!” Paris was heard crying to her mother as she was being taken away from the courtroom. The hearing was called by L.A. City prosecutors, who demanded that she serve her sentence in jail. You know what, this whole thing is not right. Why are they jerking her around like that? I’m no Paris fan myself, and I fall in the camp of “she broke the law, it was serious, she should serve out her time.”
But she doesn’t deserve to have her feelings jerked around like that–sent to jail, then released, then sent back to jail. Of course she should serve out her time in jail. But at the very least, make a decision and stick with it, L.A. Sheriff’s Department. The American world, unfortunately, is watching you.
My esteemed Idol Chatter blogger Ellen Leventry wrote yesterday that she was outraged like everyone else when Paris was released, but that outraged soon changed to a sort of sadness over how obsessed we are with this little story when there are things like the G8 Summit, Afghanistan, or stories of kidnapped children going on in the world. I so agree with her. And though I wish all major media outlets would drop this story and leave it to the entertainment tabloids, blogs, and magazines, it is our own water-cooler discussions of Paris that keep outlets like CNN, Associated Press, Reuters, and the like reporting on this “story.”
So who’s to blame, really, for this saga that just won’t end? We all are. Paris is back in jail, and she should be. But I do feel bad for her today. It seems like the girl really does have bad karma.

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