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It seems that Moby is stepping into the religious weather man role now that Jerry Falwell has passed on. Last week, the musician asked in his online journal, “You know how the religious right will every now and then say that some natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) happen because God is angry at secular sinners? …. then why do 90 p;ercent of the tornadoes in America occur in red, Republican states, and why do the majority of hurricanes that strike the U.S. tend to strike red, Republican states, as well?”

Using a number of online weather maps, the great-great grand nephew of Herman Melville estimates that the majority or tornadoes and hurricanes devastate areas highly populated by right-wing evangelicals.

While Moby is of the mind that natural disasters “happen for non-anthropocentric reasons and are, actually, just examples of extreme and arbitrary weather” and is “not making light of the damage done,” the self-described “weird little Christian” hopes “to point out another small logical inconsistency on the part of our evangelical pals.”

While it’s nice to see Moby doing a little research on the topic (although I would like to see a politcal demographic map) surely a man with his technological prowess could have come up with a powerpoint presentation that would have blown Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” right out of the water!

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