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xy_idol.jpgThe only reason why I recently tuned in to ABC Family’s summer series “Kyle XY” is because of the heavy promos they’ve given the show recently (apparently they worked). While I am not seduced by the fact that Kyle “has no bellybutton”–which to me sounds like a silly thing to hang his mysteriousness on–after catching up through NetFlix and a “Kyle XY” season one marathon I taped from last weekend, I’ve deciding to join the fold and see where Kyle’s extraordinary mind and abilities take him.
Last season Kyle enters the world like 15-year-old newborn–he wakes up in the forest, naked, has no speech or experience with other people, and not a single memory before this moment. After a bumpy beginning, he lands in the caring hands of the Trager family–Nicole (Mom), Stephen (Dad), Lori (the sister), and Josh (the brother)–a cast of characters whose good-natured quirkiness will grow on you if given the chance.
Season one has everyone helping Kyle recover his past memories (if he has any to recover) and protecting him from the strange people following him. Each episode revolves around Kyle learning something new about the world (like when to be honest and when not to share).

Last season’s finale, “Endgame” was centered around faith, with Kylie learning that science is not the foundation for everyone’s beliefs. He goes to church with a friend and shows his typical, intense curiosity about this thing called religion. The premier of season two this past Monday picked up the faith thread, as Kyle not only learned at least part of the disturbing truth about his past (and why he doesn’t have a bellybutton–mystery solved), but that he exists as part of a super-secret scientific experiment called “The Prophet.” This, of course, opens the door to wonder about whether or not Kyle himself will turn out to be a prophet of sorts.
It’s not too late to jump on the “Kyle XY” bandwagon–with only a 10-episode first season and ABC Family re-running the Season Two premiere regularly, you can catch up in no time. The jury is out about whether or not “Kyle XY” can satisfy viewers as well as a show like “Smallville,” but it’s definitely getting interesting.

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