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tom_idol.jpgI have an acquaintance that likes to tell the story about how he was almost married by Jerry Springer when he was the mayor of Cincinnati, but unfortunately, the future talk show host was called away on some important business. And while I find neverending delicious irony in the fact that Springer, the man who ended up refereeing so many rock-em-sock-em relationships gone bad, would join a couple in matrimony, it may not be as cool as having one of the world’s biggest movie stars direct the “I Do’s.” (via Women’s Wear Daily via Page Six) reports that Tom Cruise may be the officiant at the upcoming wedding of James Packer, son of Australian media mogul Kerry Packer. The gossip blog asks incredulously, “We all know that Tom Cruise is at the highest level of ‘clear’ in the ranks of the Church of Scientology, but is that enough to allow him to perform a wedding?”
While I personally find some of the activities of the Church of Scientology questionable, I don’t question Cruises’ ability to preside over a Scientology wedding. Cruise’s more than 20-year involvement with Scientology provides legitamacy in this day and age when anyone can be ordained in minutes, online and for free, through the Universal Life Church.
Besides, maybe he could slip in a little Jerry Maguire-esque “You complete me” and bring everyone to tears.

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