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What is it like to perform the Hajj? The only people who can tell this story are the Muslims who have been there. So how can everyone else–Muslims and non-Muslims–get a real sense of what it is like? Sure, documentaries have been filmed and books have been published. In fact, Beliefnet has its own excellent coverage of the Hajj. But how cool would it be to know what the pilgrims themselves feel day-by-day as they go through the various stages of this holy Islamic pilgrimage?

Well, now we have that chance. JustSayGo Films , makers of the award-winning film “American Ramadan,” are looking for people who plan to go on the Hajj in 2007. They want to film a documentary on the journey unlike any other–not only are they going to film the various parts of the trip, but they plan to give video cameras to the participants and have them record a video diary.

This is bound to be a unique look at the Hajj from the perspective of American Muslims–which is why I decided to join the project myself. If anyone else is interested in participating in this exciting endeavor they should contact the filmmakers.

–Hesham Hassaballa

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