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If you are content with snazzy special effects, lots of swashbuckling action sequences and lots and lots of Johnny Depp one liners, then undoubtedly you will enjoy the third installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” However, if you are like me, and you appreciated the heart and mythology of the original “Pirates” as well as the zany humor of the sequel, you are going to be deeply disappointed in this latest chapter.

“At World’s End” is a convoluted, ridiculously long (does any movie about pirates need to be almost three hours in length?) drama that is hard to follow and ultimately the nonsensical action wastes the opportunity to tell a great story about choices, destiny, and sacrificial love.

Trying to explain the plot of “At World’s End” is a little like trying to explain all three seasons of “Lost” to someone who has never seen the TV show before. As the story opens, Will and Elizabeth are still attempting to find a crew and a ship so they can helm a rescue mission to find Jack Sparrow. However, there is a massacre of pirates being conducted by an evil Lord Beckett as well as other trials and tribulations for the pirate duo to overcome. Add to that, the ongoing story of saving Will’s father, capturing evil Davey Jones’ heart, and a “Lord of the Rings” style twist with the pirates Nine Brethren of the Court–a group that is to band together to save their piracy world–and it’s no wonder my head was spinning only 90 minutes into the film.

The best part of the movie were the moments when we saw Will finally becoming the leader he was destined to be by making sacrifices for love and family, but that is only a small part of a bloated shipwreck of a story. I am also not a big fan of turning Davy Jones into less of a villain and more of a pirate who was just misunderstood. Why can’t any of these blockbuster action movies allow their villains to be evil without making excuses for them?

If you stick around long enough to watch the twist after the closing credits, you will also realize there is a possibility for another “Pirate’s” movie, though nothing has been annnounced. I, however, am of the opinion, that there is no more gold or treasure to be found in this cast of characters, and I hope Depp and the others choose to drydock this franchise.

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