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Remember the 2000 Oscar’s when Angelina shocked the viewing audience by declaring in her acceptance speech that she was “so in love” with her brother, James Haven, and actually snogged with him? Definitely different. While little was known at the time about Haven, also an actor, the public had come to expect the unexpected from Angelina, a woman who used to wear a vial of her then-husband’s (Billy Bob-Thorton, and how he’s changed as well!) blood around her neck.

Now it’s Haven’s turn to turn heads as Perez Hilton reports that Haven is dating Christian recording star Rebecca St. James.

The “Queen of All Media” notes that the Australian songstress is a “big advocate for abstinence and “saving yourself’ until marriage” (which St. James also stated to Beliefnet in an interview) and wonders how Haven feels about her stance.

While I understand that children of divorced parents have a very tight, unique bond, I think it’s probably healthy for Haven to be dating the demure St. James rather than kissing his sex-kitten sister. Perhaps the more interesting question is–how does the devoted St. James feel about Haven’s past relationship with his sister, and where on earth did these two meet anyhow?

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