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Though I know “Desperate Housewives” mostly as a funny, fluffy confection of marital and familial melodrama, acted superbly by its four female leads, it never fails to remind audiences of its deeper, darker side–and just when you least expect it. As season one began with a suicide, so season three (at least it appears) ended with another.

Last night’s final episode was a zig-zag of emotions. Lynette Scavo grappled with a diagnosis of Lymphoma. Bree returned from a belated honeymoon as appearance-conscious as ever, so much so that it appears she’s covering her daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy by pretending to be pregnant herself (ick!). Bree will apparently do anything to save face.

Most intense of all were the evenings two weddings and then, rather shocking, a suicide. Gabrielle’s nuptials to the new mayor were tainted when she overheard Victor harshly talk about how their marriage would seal the Hispanic vote when he runs for governor. Susan had the lightest, happiest moment of the show with a surprise, homespun private wedding ceremony with Mike under stars and paper lanterns.

And just when you thought this happy thought would end the season–the show’s propensity for darkness crept over Wisteria Lane once again. Edie, distraught after a fight with Carlos, apparently hung herself at home. The last image we saw of season three was of Edie’s feet, dangling.

How’s that for a chilling closer?

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