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Tonight’s “20/20” on ABC looks to be a fascinating two-hour special on all aspects of faith and spirituality. The show is known for producing such specials on a variety of subjects, and tonight’s episode covers nearly all “hot” aspects of faith that are permeating news magazines, documentaries, news shows, and other types of media. Some of what will be explored tonight includes:

  • Amma, and the power of a hug: How did this ordinary woman from India become a superstar, when all she does is simply hug and love people? Why do people the world over flock to her for hugs and to hear her kind words?
  • What is faith? Does it have to do with religion, with a belief in God? Or is it simply about appreciating the things in your life, like the nature around you, or the love of a child? Is faith something that takes over your life?
  • Aethism: Why have atheists become so popular these days? With people like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens leading the charge, are aethists becoming the voice of reason in a time when religion is taking the blame for so much worldly unrest? How do aethists on a local level suffer when they refuse to recite the Lord’s Prayer?
  • Miracle healing: Does it really exist? Why do people fall prey to those who say they have a miracle cure for something, when it’s the dollars they’re really after?
  • The smorgasborg of offerings in tonight’s special is dizzying, indeed. I hope ’20/20′ has time to really and deeply explore these provocative faith topics–because even though two hours is a world of time in television, it’s but a blink of an eye when it comes to explaining faith.

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