Idol Chatter

Amidst the intensity of Holy Week for Christians and the joy of Passover for Jews comes the secular festival known as Opening Day. Even as I frantically cleaned my apartment for Passover last night, I dilligently checked the Mets score online every few minutes (remember when local games could all be seen on local broadcast TV?). There’s room for both in my life, and thank God for that.

I’ve written before in Idol Chatter about baseball as a deeply meaningful secular American holiday, and I’ve compared the spiritual lessons of baseball to the Book of Ecclesiastes. Tempted as I am to connect the Exodus from Egypt to the beginning of a new baseball season, I will refrain from any such attempts at theological relevance this year. Instead, amidst personal holiday prep and professional deadlines, I will offer only my thanksgiving that a new season is here, that hope and excitement have returned to the baseball diamond, and that, at a time of war and national anxieties, we can as a nation come together for some diversion and fun, celebrating traditions and finding sheer joy in the game. Play ball!

And Happy Opening Day to you and yours.

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