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OK, I am a shamelessly huge “Smallville” fan and after a tough season five, I feel like season six has bounced back and then some. This, of course, also makes me a huge Superman fan in general.

So I was very intrigued to come across the following fun headline on the MSN homepage yesterday: “Scientists unearth Superman’s ‘kryptonite’: Substance is white, powdery, contains no fluorine and isn’t radioactive.” I’m not usually one to click on the teasers posted on MSN–but this time I couldn’t resist. Here is what I found out:

“Kryptonite, which robbed Superman of his powers, is no longer the stuff of comic books and films. A mineral found by geologists in Serbia shares virtually the same chemical composition as the fictional kryptonite from outer space, used by the superhero’s nemesis Lex Luthor to weaken him in the film “Superman Returns.”…[Chris] Stanley, who revealed the identity of the mysterious new mineral, discovered the match after searching the Internet for its chemical formula — sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide. “I was amazed to discover that same scientific name written on a case of rock containing kryptonite stolen by Lex Luthor from a museum in the film ‘Superman Returns,'” he said.”

Apparently, the rocks go on display at the London’s Natural History Museum today. If it wasn’t so far away I’d consider making a pilgrimage to see it. Though, somewhat disappointing: it turns out that kryptonite is white and not green.

You can’t have everything, I guess.

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