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Of the CSI’s (New York, Miami and Las Vegas) I believe “CSI:Miami” is either–depending on your taste–the most outrageous or the most prophetic.

Last night’s show featured a future view on divorce that I wish would ignite a national discussion on marriage. An affluent couple’s divorce got so ugly that they had laser beams split their home in half while the woman took a chainsaw to her husband’s boat (he then shot holes in it to try and sink her). It was only later that he found out that she’d sold his $200,000 Lamborghini for $200, handing over a C-note for his half.

When questioned, their son informed investigators about his dad’s affair with his personal trainer and his mom’s similar relationship with the pool man. He had reign of the house, though, with remote control access to the laser beams dividing the house.

I think that the more that marriage is portrayed in the media as simply transactional and a matter of convenience, the more we are stripped of what used to be a reminder of the spiritual core of our nation, our society, and of many of our lives.

Marriage wasn’t invented by cavepeople or evolutionists, nor was it invented by atheists or agnostics. Even across denominational and sectarian lines, marriage is seen as an invention of God that is essential not only to the marriage itself, but also to our society and to our view of God Himself.

In the end, the show tried to rescue itself as a morality tale, as the boyfriend went to jail, the girlfriend died, one attorney got disbarred and the two estranged spouses were finally unified over one thing: murdering their attorney. The show ended with them both going to jail after their son led police to the murder weapon. “It had to happen,” he said, “they had to be apart.”

“What we have here,” said Lt. Horatio Caine, “is the future of divorce.”

I hope he’s wrong.

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