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Who says Middle Easterners and Muslims don’t have a sense of humor? Because in these tense times, if you can’t make fun of the situation you’re in, then you’re up the creek. And so my husband and I laughed until the tears rolled as we watched “The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour,” which was just released on DVD this week. Sure, it helps if you are an Arab (or Iranian, or even North Korean–though that “axis of evil” was missing from the group) or Muslim, but I think everyone can appreciate the tart, situational brand of humor showcased by this talented comedic trio.

Iranian-American Maz Jobrani (a regular on the Fox comedy, “The Knights of Prosperity”), Egyptian-American Ahmed Ahmed and Palestinian-American Aron Kader (along with a guest appearance from Dean Obeidallah) serve up the typical airport security and Arab anger management jokes with witty self deprecation and hilarous personal stories.

Jobrani has a particularily funny riff where he ponders why Iranian political leaders enjoy taunting the U.S., which has already bombed Iran’s neighbors, Iraq and Afghanistan. “It’s like your at a bar with your two buddies, and the bouncer has already taken them out, but you’re still taken shots!”

The laughs never stop, from Obeidallah’s great opening act to Jobrani’s fabulous ending. Just when it seems things are hopeless for Middle Easterners and Muslims in America, these comedians show that the old adage is still true: Laughter really is the best medicine.

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