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I remember watching the finale of “7th Heaven.” Even though I hadn’t been following the show since most of the Camden kids moved out and a string of random houseguests filtered through, I felt enough of a loyalty to tune in for the last episode. Apparently, three million other people felt the same loyalty I did, and the high-rated finale prompted CW Network executives to give the show another chance.

What that meant though, was that the show’s writers had to back themselves out of a corner. They’d written a finale that included no fewer than three characters all becoming pregnant with twins. How would they deal with that storyline? Here’s how–keep two of the characters offscreen and never talk about them: Mary (played by Jessica Biel, who famously left the show after posing for racy magazine photos) and Sarah, wife of Matt (the oldest Camden kid). The third, middle child Lucy Camden Kinkirk, had a miscarriage during the summer hiatus.

This time, apparently, “7th Heaven” is going away for real. Part of me still remembers the early days of this show when the kids were younger and the storylines were about things that happened in everyday life. I don’t love seeing what the show has become: random guest stars, poorly written dialogue, and love interests that come out of nowhere. (T-Bone? Ruthie’s boyfriend’s name is T-Bone?) The show has been ready to exit for awhile now. Jessica Biel is off making movies. Barry Watson, who played Matt, has his own show, “What About Brian?” Even Catherine Hicks, who helps anchor the show as mom Annie Camden, has been working part time this year.

It’s time for them–and us–to move on.

That said, I’m skeptical for the time being. After last year’s eleventh-hour Hail Mary, I’m not going to count this show out. Unless someone has photographs of the set being demolished or copies of contracts proving that every single actor from this show is appearing on another show this season, I’m still expecting it to come on every Sunday night. Or, at the very least, a spinoff.

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