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If, like most of the world, you missed last year’s limited theatrical release of “Peaceful Warrior,” fret not. Universal is giving the film a second life, releasing it in theaters again on March 30. And to promote the release, Universal is offering free tickets to opening-weekend showings, available at Best Buy store locations or online at between March 18 and April 1. According to a press release about the film release and promotion, the giveaway amounts to as much as $15 million in free tickets.

“Peaceful Warrior” is the film adaptation of Dan Millman’s contemporary spirituality classic “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” It stars Nick Nolte as Socrates, the wise service station attendant who helps a star gymnast work through his devastating injury. For the role, Nolte was one of our nominees for the Beliefnet Film Award for Best Spiritual Performance. Soon, you’ll have another chance to see for yourself whether he deserved it.

Click here to watch clips from “Peaceful Warrior,” here to read an interview with Nick Nolte, or here to read Idol Chatter’s review of the movie.

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