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If you’re a spiritually minded person who enjoys a fresh music sound that inspires, check out FFH’s current album, “Far From Home (The FFH Collection).” Unlike some other bands of their kind, FFH manages to maintain a consistently fresh sound–every song doesn’t sound the same. It’s the kind of collection a spiritually-minded person can love as both entertainment as well as a resource tool for their spiritual journey.

“One of These Days” was hot on the inspirational charts several years ago and still stands strong as faith-based “up” song, celebrative in both words and style. “You’ll Find Me,”
“I Wanna Be Like You,” and “Fly Away” are among the other highly positive and encouraging tracks.

FFH is also as honest as they are celebrative, including exhorting lyrics (“You’re missing the mark on your spiritual walk”) and honest prayers (“I’m ready to sing a different song,” and “I think it’s time … I’m ready to open up the door.”).

My main criticism of the album is that it only has ten tracks. Perhaps there’s a manager somewhere who wants to “keep us wanting more,” but I’m sure a band like FFH had more stuff that could and should have made it onto this compilation.

— Douglas Howe

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