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If some of you “American Idol” fans out there still think that finalist Chris Sligh is playing coy about whether he is Christian enough, people from his past have spoken up with their thoughts on the pressing matter.

In a recent Associated Content article, a spokesperson for ultra-conservative Bob Jones University–the school Sligh once attended–has said he has been watching Sligh every week to check on the singer’s progress and that the school was “somewhat disappointed with the direction he has gone musically.” (Read: He needs to “Jesus” up his act and not be so worldly as to sing tacky 80s songs like “Endless Love.” )

Meanwhile, the pastor over at Seacoast Church, Chris Surratt, has spoken up for Sligh’s Christian background, sighting the two years in which Sligh lead worship at the church as evidence of Sligh’s faith. Even a professor from another school Sligh attended, North Greenville University, was happy to be quoted for the article, saying she “worries” about the singer’s spiritual journey.

I’m tuning out “American Idol” this season, so I can’t really offer my expert opinion on this hugely important matter except to say this: Boring pseudo-controversies like this almost make me wish for the good old days of the Corey Clark scandal. Or maybe for the days when the show actually was about talent.

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