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Business is booming at Body and Soul, the tattoo parlor where Britney Spears stopped on her much-reported breakdown last weekend, according to celeb tracker andPOP. Tattoo artist Max Scott says he expects many of the new bookings will be asking for the cross the shop put on Britney’s hip.

That Britney’s lost weekend would result in a proliferation of cross tattoos is another strange spiritual note in her recent slide. Never mind the shaved head that made her look like a novice nun in the wilds of the San Fernando Valley, or the Manichean name of her tattoo parlor of choice. The star began her tear by shaving her head at Esther’s Hair Salon, named for owner Esther Tognozzi, but resonant for anyone familiar with Britney’s spiritual journey (see Holly Rossi’s informative post below): the biblical heroine Esther is the spiritual alter ego of Madonna, who is said to have introduced Britney to the Jewish mysticism of kabbalah.

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