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I just have to start with a little “Hip, hip, hooray!” “Lost” is back on tonight, after a way-too-long hiatus. I will also admit that before this morning I wasn’t that excited, and I’d even almost forgotten it was re-premiering after so long off the air. But when I woke up today I felt a little jolt of happiness that we’d all finally have a chance to re-enter the saga.

(BTW, what do you call it when a show premieres in the Fall and then disappears for ages: Is it a kind of “re-premiere”? Or “Second Premiere” like “Second Virginity” or something? But I digress…)

Well, according to Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe, tonight’s episode is all about Jack’s “God Complex.” In the article “With its return, ‘Lost’ looks to find its way again,” Gilbert previews tonight’s episode with quite a bit of God-talk:

We know Jack Shephard needs to play God. The guy has a savior complex–he’s fixated on being the Good Shepherd for his “Lost” flock. Tonight, when ABC’s “Lost” picks up precisely where it left off three months ago, Dr. Jack will be enacting yet another of his feverish power plays, this time to free Kate from Otherville…. Playing God is one of the great themes of ABC’s “Lost”…

But tonight, says Gilbert, we’ll find out that Juliet (you know, the Other who plays nice with Jack) has a similar “taste for playing God,” since this episode features her back story.

Despite its too-long hiatus, I’m ready for more of Jack’s God Complex and whoever else’s God Complex and finding out what in the world is the deal with this island they are on.

(And, to help you get psyched for the show’s return, check out Beliefnet’s new quiz, “Which Lost Character Are You?” to find out if you’re a Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, or Locke.)

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