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Mary J. Blige wasn’t the only artist giving props to Jesus last night at the Grammy Awards. The 2006 American Idol winner Carrie Underwood collected two awards–the first, off-screen for Best Female Country Vocal Performance–and the second in front of millions of viewers for Best New Artist. (The writers of her hit single, “Jesus, Take the Wheel” also won a Grammy yesterday.)

When the stunning and poised Underwood arrived at the podium to accept her award, breathless from having just belted a series of covers with the Rascal Flatts just moments before, her first thanks went to God, but her God-gratitude was quickly followed up by her acknolwedgment that she “owes everything” to “American Idol.” She may indeed owe God for her gorgeous voice and looks, but she certainly wasn’t about to slight the show that made her a star.

Though I am not a fan of “American Idol”–I find it painful to watch and I loathe the way it always seems to humiliate at least one person every night it’s on–I can’t help but be happy the show unearthed the likes of Underwood. She’s impressive in all sort of ways, whether it’s her perfect country twang when she sings ballads or that honky-tonk tone she hits when singing rock, or the fact that she appeared tastefully dressed (aka, fully dressed) last night despite her many costume changes.

It’s nice to see a young woman reach this level of pop stardom without going through a Britney or Christina phase–at least so far.

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