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Last night’s Golden Globes ceremony included the usual reams of thank you’s to casts and crews and lawyers and spouses and moms and kids and agents and Helen Mirren. The most moving speech by far was from the sincerely enthused America Ferrera of Ugly Betty, who thanked the girls who tell her she makes them feel worthy and beautiful. But I was interested to note that only three people thanked God, and they were all African-American: Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, and Forest Whitaker were the only ones to make room for a higher power in their speeches.

I haven’t had a God-o-meter tuned in during past years, but now I wish I had. Was this year any different? Has God fallen out of favor with white Hollywood? Was God ever in favor with white Hollywood? What is it about African-American culture that makes it more acceptable to nod to God in a seamless and sanctioned way? And what makes it kind of uncool for white folks to do the same?

Are the latter actually less religious, or is it that they feel a certain stigma about acknowledging their religion in public? Or is it because when you’re a minority who’s made it Hollywood you know it must have something to do with more than will, talent, and luck–and even good agents and lawyers and casts and crews?

I have way more questions than answers on this. All of which were temporarily suspended when Sacha Baron Cohen gave his acceptance speech. That thud you heard around 10 or so? Jaws across the nation hitting the floor. More on that here. And the entire list of winners is here.

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