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Okay, so Internet polls are scientifically suspect–only the Oscars are as susceptible to email campaigns, multiple votes, and people voting blindly for artists they’ve never seen. But the audience for MSN’s Music Artist of the Year is so large and broad, with more than 270,000 people voting, that we’re confident in congratulating Christian praise rocker David Crowder and his band for being named the web portal’s top act of 2006. “They’ve single-handedly redefined what contemporary Christian music should sound like,” said MSN in announcing the award.

Fine, but you don’t beat out Christina Aguilera, Prince, and Kenny Chesney by redefining only your own genre. Crowder’s beatific roar is irrepressible and inspiring regardless of what you believe, and his wholly committed, unabashed praise for God (as opposed to the sometimes-furtively faithful lyrics of his fellow CCMers) makes his music genuine rock and roll.

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