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Last season, the VH1 celeb-reality series “Breaking Bonaduce” found ratings success by exploiting former “Partridge Family” star Danny Bonaduce as he spiraled out of control. There was no end to the footage in which Bonaduce was abusing alcohol, steroids, and other substances, all the while emotionally abusing his wife, Gretchen.

Some equally salacious footage started off Season Two, but last night’s episode began to ducument Bonaduce’s quest for spiritual answers to his problems. The episode followed Bonaduce as he read his Bible daily, met with a pastor over coffee, and went to church with his family.

Teasers for feature Bonaduce episodes give even more hints of Bonaduce finding religion. But all of his newly-acquired goody-two-shoes behavior can only mean one thing for the fate of the series itself: “Breaking Bonaduce” is destined to be canceled.

At least that’s what Bonaduce himself has alluded to in a recent interview with Anderson Cooper. In that interview he said that there would absolutely be no Season Three because there is a “life altering change” at the end of Season Two that would make Season Three impossible.

All I can say isthat if Bonaduce does indeed become born again, I really hope he doesn’t have Stephen Baldwin’s phone humber.

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