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What can be said about the news revealed this week that football star turned B-list actor turned murder suspect in the “Trial of the Century” O.J. Simpson will be soon releasing a book called “If I Did It”? The book is a hypothetical telling of how he would have murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman back in 1995, if only he’d actually done it.

Umm, extremely bad taste? Revolting? Shameless? Puke-inducing? Sick , sick, sick? Yes, all that and more. Now, he’s not saying that he did it, but if he had gruesomely murdered his ex-wife (and the mother of his children, who must be thinking, “What the h*ll?”), this book will explain how he would have done it.

You may be wondering why this sensationalistic news (there will, of course, be an O.J. interview on the Fox network during sweeps weeks) should even make into this Idol Chatter blog.

Think of it this way: This blog is about the intersection of pop culture, religion, faith, and spirituality. This book of O.J.’s is so removed from faith and spirituality, so indicative that this man has not a moral, faith-ful bone in his body, that it’s like a horrific 10-car pileup of pop culture, faith, and spirituality. If we had one, O.J. would definitely make into the Idol Chatter Hall of Shame.

Please, I urge you to join the O.J. boycott. Don’t read this book, don’t watch his interview. Though there are immoral people in this world like O.J., I must believe that there many more good souls.

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