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Nine chapters into NBC’s new drama “Heroes” and I’m utterly hooked. “Heroes” is reminiscent of X-Men, revolving around individuals all over the world who discover that they have special and occasionally frightening powers.

The last several episodes revolved around a rather cryptic yet humorous command: “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World,” a task taken up by several heroes together including Hiro (the utterly adorable boy from Japan who can bend time and space), Peter (who can take on the powers of whatever hero is nearby), and Isaac (who paints the future) . Claire Bennet, the cheerleader in question, holds the power of regeneration, even after death.

In fact, we’ve seen Claire quite literally “rise from the dead” several times now. Given Claire’s particular power, it’s rather unclear how anyone might have threatened her life in the first place. But the “Homecoming” episode marked the moment these heroes long feared, with the evil Sylar (who we have yet to meet face to face) setting his sights on killing Claire after the homecoming game.

Though there were certainly efforts all around by the heroes, ultimately Claire did a pretty good job holding her own in the salvation department. So at least for now, they saved the cheerleader. But here’s what I want to know next: Will her life perpetually be in danger, or was this a one-time threat? How exactly will Claire save the world? And will “Heroes” follow in Buffy’s footsteps, giving audiences a smart, courageous girl “chosen one”–another girl savior? Of all the heroes, is Claire somehow the most important of all?

If you haven’t tried “Heroes” yet, you should. The series will surely appeal to X-Men and Buffy fans alike. Even “Gilmore Girls” devotees should tune in since Peter Petrelli is played by none other than Milo Ventimiglia, who played Rory’s bad-boy boyfriend Jess for several seasons.

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