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Their names are wedded for all eternity, and now the world waits with baited breath to see if TomKat–Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes–will finally tie the knot this weekend in Itlay. Speculation is rife that the “Mission Impossible” star and the “Dawson’s Creek” ingenue will wed in a traditional Scientology ceremony this weekend at Odescalchi Castle near Lake Bracciano. However, an Italian newspaper reported last week that Cruise wants to have a Catholic ceremony, apprently in deference to Holmes’ Catholic parents. But, according to news reports, the priest with jurisdiction over the 15th-century castle says his parish won’t marry Cruise because he is twice divorced, and others note that a Scientology marriage most likely would not be recognized by the Italian State.

While the nature of the ceremony may be as secret as Ethan Hunt’s true identity, the guest list is no state secret. And, as shocking as it may seem, Oprah hasn’t been invited to the big day.

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