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Apparently, with just 1 million “points” you can get into heaven! At least if you attend The Church of St. John the Evangelist in Ontario, Canada, that is. St. John’s and radio station CHEZ 106 (106.1 FM) have teamed up to sponsor a contest where congregants and radio listeners are offered “absolution of past sins” by God and a ticket into heaven. They’re enticing people with catchy advertising: “Lived the ‘Classic Rock’ lifestyle in the past? Coveted your neigbour’s wife? Lied to your boss? Feel like you’re being dragged down by your past indulgences?”

Are you interested yet? Check this out, from the press release, for full details:

St. John’s Anglican Church, 154 Somerset West in Ottawa, and Classic Rock CHEZ 106 are proud to announce an exciting new contest which allows Ottawa residents the opportunity to win something that no amount of money can buy!

Starting Monday, August 14th 2006 @ 5am, CHEZ 106 (106.1 FM) will offer members of its online VIP club the opportunity to exchange “Platinum Points” for absolution from their past sins.

“Living the Classic Rock lifestyle, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of,” says CHEZ 106 Program Director & Afternoon DJ Jeff Brown. “And as part of our new VIP Club, we want to offer listeners the chance at things they normally can’t gain access. What’s more exclusive than a free ticket into Heaven?”

“Heaven is not a pie in the sky when you die,” says Garth Bulmer, priest at the church. “It’s about unloading the crap which drags you down and picking up a new life. It’s just a click away.”

Listeners are encouraged to participate in this “Points” program through station contesting, events, or while the station is on location in the Ottawa Community. Normally, listeners can exchange these points for concert tickets, cds / dvds, books, station merchandise, or other prizes periodically made available to them through our website at

The contest, which runs until September 30th, 2006, offers no refunds and is not guaranteed.

I suppose this is one way to modernize what was a rather popular medieval means of getting into heaven!

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