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Earlier this summer, I wrote in this space about the growing popularity of Faith Night promotions at minor-league baseball stadiums. The faith in question was typically Christianity. Leave it to the Newark Bears, an independent New Jersey team, to celebrate Scientology Night.

In the past, the Bears have signed Jose Canseco’s brother Ozzie and extended the career of base-stealing king Ricky Henderson and other major leaguers, in moves that were equal parts publicity and on-field savvy. The team has also shown a knack for memorable promotional events, such as the “Britney Spears Safety Night” that Kris blogged about earlier this week. Now it’s using the faith of Tom Cruise to help bring people out to the game.

“Come out to the ball park and get a chance to win copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics or DVD copies of the immortal ‘Battlefield Earth,'” promises the Bears’ website. “Come to the Newark Bears Box Office dressed as your favorite Scientologist (John Travolta, Tom Cruise), and receive FREE admission.”

The promotion is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 11.

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