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At a time when U.S. citizens, religious and otherwise, are divided over whether the U.S. should pull troops out of Iraq, not to mention whether the war itself was justified in the first place, the military is desperate for some positive PR. But is a gun-filled theme park the way to go?

Apparently, it is–or at least the military thinks it is. According to CNN, Fort Belvoir, Va., may soon be home to the country’s first military theme park:

The Army is considering a proposal to allow a private developer to build a military-themed park that would include Cobra Gunship rides and bars including a “1st Division Lounge”… [where] you can command the latest M-1 tank, feel the rush of a paratrooper freefall, fly a Cobra Gunship or defend your B-17 as a waist gunner.

Nothing like a full day of fun-filled gun-toting and tank-driving with Mom, Dad, and the kids to foster a better, more peaceful world. Or better yet, a shooting-themed vacation (Insert bitter sarcasm here.)!

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