Idol Chatter

Last week marked the introduction of a new character on “Sesame Street”: Abby Cadabby, a fairy-in-training. Abby, who hails from Fairyside Gardens, Queens, is young, eager to learn, and has been described as a feminist who also likes being a “real girly-girl.” Looking different than your typical Muppet, Abby was conceived as a strong female character who is “someone from a different culture, without having consciously to introduce somebody from Indonesia or India.” According to the Muppet Wiki, “Her design was originally very earthy.”

Earthy? Could that be a code word for Pagan? Certain Earth-based sects hold a belief in fairies, or the Fae, as they are known. And, like Abby, they work magic, although Abby’s repertoire is currently limited. Plus Abby embodies the strong feminist message often espoused by pagan groups.

While it’s fun to speculate about Abby’s religious affiliation, she seems to be more pink moppet than pagan Muppet. Besides, it’s more likely that she’ll raise eyeballs amongst the conservative Tinki-Winkie’s-holding-a-purse set for being a feminist, pink Muppet from Fairyside Gardens, Queens. Is today’s episode is being brought to you by the letter “L”?

One thing is certain, however, “Sesame Street” producers are praying that she can work some powerful magic–powerful enough to bring in Elmo-sized dollars.