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I understand the deep-seated need to see The Chosen One, baby Suri, the TomKat spawn. Really, I do. My life also is incomplete without a sighting of the little princess. I also am on board with the Tom-has-gone-nuts crowd, and likewise see much of what he does these days through that prism. But to criticize the new parents for not accepting oodles of cash in return for having their baby’s photos splashed across the tabloids?

People, come on: Let’s take a moment and think of what we’re saying here. Time was, we criticized celebs for eagerly parading their young in front of the cameras. And now we’re dissing them for insisting on an ounce of privacy? And if that’s not bad enough, this is leading people to speculate that poor Suri doesn’t even exist–as if a People magazine spread has become the pop-cultural equivalent of a birth certificate.

Maybe it’s the soon-to-be father in me, but I sympathize with TomKat on this one and applaud the couple’s refusal to bow to the pressure and allow their privacy–and their baby’s–to be invaded. TomKat, you do your thing and let us see Suri when you’re good and ready–or don’t. It’s your call entirely.

But while it’s still a few months off, my wife and I will be happy to auction off pictures of our little one when he or she arrives. I realize we won’t get TomKat-level payouts, but shall we start the bidding at, say, half a mil? Anyone?

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