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I have to disagree with Michael, my fellow Idol Chatterer, who fails to see the importance of Joe Public getting a glimpse of little Suri Cruise. Since the beginning of this so-called love affair (I mean relationship) between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the couple has been so kind to let us in on every detail. We’ve seen him jump on the couch on “Oprah,” wildly gush about how much he loves his woman-child (after mere weeks of courting), and proudly display his affection for her on many occasions and continents.

So why be shy now?

After the visual assault that was laid on America, TomKat dares to shy away from the paparazzi photo gallery of their first born, and even worse, allegedly keeps family and friends from actually seeing her. Sure, the birth of a couple’s first child is sacred, but once you become a celebrity you give up all rights to sacredness. It should be no surprise that the paparazzi are beating down the door at all three of TomKat’s homes and that speculation is abounding day by day.

Of course there is going to be backlash among the masses because so much of our regularly scheduled lives were interrupted by the walking blog otherwise known as TomKat. A monster has been created amongst the people of America, who feel it is what is owed to us after months of having front row seats to the show.

TomKat, ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what can you do for your country–and the millions of us who you’ve entangled in your web will answer, “Show us the baby!” And don’t wait until your next movie to come out for the Suri Showcase.

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