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Why was Jennifer Aniston’s production partner, Kristin Hahn, visiting Ken Wilber, the founder of the Integral Institute, author, and Beliefnet columnist well known among people interested in integral spirituality and body-mind-spirit connection? Talking movies, according to Ken’s blog. Specifically, talking about bringing Ken’s “Grace and Grit” to the big screen, with Aniston in the lead role.

“Grace and Grit” is Ken’s book about his wife Treya’s battle with breast cancer, her transformative spiritual journey, and her eventual death. Amy Cunningham, who writes Beliefnet’s Chattering Mind blog, took a moment out of her well-deserved vacation to email me her thoughts on “Grace and Grit”:

What’s so moving about the book is that it lays out how a couple wildly in love grows and heals in challenging circumstances, using conventional and holistic healing techniques, and how in the end, the wife dies a transcendent, inspiring, beautiful death. He promises to find her again one day. As a love story, it’s unbelievably sad. They meet, they can’t keep their hands off each other, they marry, and three weeks later she gets diagnosed with breast cancer. No reader can put this book down.

Aniston would play Treya, a difficult role that obviously requires her to show the physical toll of the illness as the movie progresses. According to Ken’s blog, “The project is in an early stage at this time as drafts of the screenplay are currently being written. But, one thing is certain; there is a mutual desire of all involved parties to find a way to tell this remarkable story.”

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