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Mix “Grey’s Anatomy” with “Rescue Me” and you get TNT’s lastest summer drama, “Saved.” There is the requisite flawed hero who can only save others but can never save himself. There are also the obligatory dysfunctional family relationships and the usual romance with a co-worker. But in spite of the familiar terrority, “Saved” is still an entertaining look at one man’s rocky road to redemption.

In “Saved”, the man with the savior complex is Wyatt Cole (Tom Everett Scott), a roguish paramedic who returns to Portland after dropping out of medical school to bum around Hawaii for a couple of years. Not the worst mistake you could make, except in Wyatt’s case, because his dad is a doctor, the girl he was –and still is– in love with is a doctor, and they both think he is a big, fat failure for not becoming one as well. Too bad he has to run into them all the time when he delivers patients to the hospital they both work at.

Last night’s pilot episode was certainly filled with numerous of examples of Wyatt as savior and of Wyatt as the one in need of salvation. Even though Wyatt helped a woman give birth and dashed into a burning building to save a family, he still found time to get beaten to a pulp by his loan shark. (Did I forget to mention that Wyatt has a gambling addiction?) And that was just the first half of the show.

“Saved” is neither as gritty as “Rescue Me,” nor as funny or quirky as “Grey’s Anatomy,” but Everett Scott is charming and endearing as Wyatt, and the show makes a smart bookend to that other great TNT drama, “The Closer,” which airs right before it. So if your T.V. schedule filled with re-runs is in need of a little salvation, it’s worth your time to check this show out.

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