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My wife couldn’t believe I was interested in attending a screening of “The Omen.” Perhaps being invited to a June 5 screening (as opposed to the 6-6-06 opening date) made me feel better about it. But I think I’d do just about anything to urge people to take spiritual matters more seriously in their lives and to get reliable information to guide their decision-making. For that reason alone, I’m glad for the hype and buzz that “The Omen” has created, because simply the mention and references to demons, Satan, the anti-Christ, 666, etc., have their roots in biblical truth.

But the movie itself stays in the safe zone, suggesting that just about anything can be the cause of evil, including our personal choices, our current government, societal forces, as well as the angel fallen from heaven. And that is a problem.

Either Satan is the sworn enemy of God and is currently engaged in a heavenly battle that none of us can relate to and in which the outcome is not future but present, or he/it is a myth created to explain bad things that happen in the world. The same Bible that introduces us to Christmas, Easter, and heaven is the source of information regarding Lucifer. Either it’s true or it’s not, regardless of how much we want to say our spiritual journey is personal. Satan’s present activity in the unseen realm either exists or does not exist.

The drama of determining our belief about that is far greater, deeper and longer-lasting than this latest horror flick. And more meaningful.

— Posted by Doug Howe

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