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Who’s the biggest sinner in Hollywood? The E! Channel promises to answer that question in its new seven-week series, “The Seven Deadly Hollywood Sins.” Starting tonight, the series will provide a cheesy and cheeky look at how Hollywood celebs indulge in each of the seven deadly sins–anger, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, and sloth–with tonight’ s episode focusing on the sin of gluttony.

While I am sure that tonight’s episode with have illustrations galore of Hollywood’s excessive and self-indulgent ways–which will make my own late-night love affair with my refrigerator pale in comparison–it is a blurb on a future episode on envy that has me intrigued. That episode on envy will focus on a secret rivalry in Hollywood between Kabbalah and Scientology.

I am also hoping the series will have a bonus episode that will provide an explanation for numerous other Hollywood sins, which are not deadly but are certainly annoying–like “greenlighting” production on Jack Black’s latest film “Nacho Libre,” for example.

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